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Today was the bathroom's turn for a good scrubbing. It was not really all the difficult to do as I regularly clean the most used surfaces. I dusted the tops of doors, got a toothbrush into nooks and crannies along the sink and shower, and wiped door frames along with the usual cleaning and sanitizing of the room. I did a touch more work in the kitchen as my headache from bleach the previous day had cut my cleaning short. I wiped down and cleaned the washing machine and finished cleaning and sorting the fridge interior.

For dinner I put a roast on in the slow cooker with some red wine and vegetables. It came out wonderful. Before adding anything to the slow cooker I had seasoned and seared the meat and vegetables in a cast iron skillet. Searing truly makes a difference in depth of flavor and improve meat tenfold. My partner has some left over roast for their lunch at work tomorrow and I plan to make some potato hash with a bit of shredded roast tomorrow for dinner.

I need to work on drinking more water. I honestly have not had any all day outside of what was inside my single soda. I never really feel thirsty only hungry most days in this heat. It has been reaching 100 F most days now in this area and it destroys my appetite. By the time I am hungry or thirsty it is so late into the evening that I will be up having to urinate when it is time to sleep. Maybe I should get an egg timer to set and remind myself to drink when it goes off.

Still not art or writing done, I just don't really feel the creative drive. I rp with my partner daily but outside of that I have no real desire to be creative. I don't think it is a spell of depression or anything like usual when this happens. I'm out of ideas as to why I have no real interest in my hobbies right now. I even have new games and they are not holding my attention more than about an hour at a time. I end up spending most of my day laying in bed or on the couch on my laptop with the tv on not really watching it and refreshing the same few webpages over and over while chatting with my partner.

Oh well, maybe it will pass in time.

I smell bleach

Monday, 26 June 2017 21:52
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Did some deep cleaning in the kitchen today and I am really feeling it. Oven cleaned with some cleaner, freezer interior reorganized and cleaned, and the door of the fridge half. Tomorrow I will do more of the inside but I did not want to let the food get too warm. I took a toothbrush to the edges along my sinks and counters and ugh the gunk that came out was ghastly. In the end, it looks better and I feel better knowing it was done. The only thing I regret was using a bleach cleaner on the trashcan and then having to lean into it to clean the bottom. I inhaled some fumes from a few inches away and now my head is killing me.

On the home front we had out 10th anniversary. To celebrate we got a PlayStation 4 and a copy of the Final Fantasy X remaster. My girlfriend likes her puns and figured the 10th entry in the series was a good reference to the years we have been together. I like that our anniversary falls during Pride Month, we get to support our lesbian sisters out there and everyone else under the LGBTQA+ rainbow. Our original plan was to adopt a dog into our family but the apartment wants far too much down for having a pet. In time we plan to move to a house or townhouse and then we can have a dog and worry less about outrageous expenses that do not go towards the care of the dog.

Tomorrow I need to get the rest of the fridge interior done and work on the bathroom. I deep clean it far more often than the kitchen so it should be a lot easier to do. I should really try to work in some art time as well, I have not sketched regularly in a few months now.
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The work week is looming in the future and I am making preparations for it. I am a homemaker and my partner the bread winner so we have a rather different weekly prep list from one another. They direct 4 different academic libraries and have a long and stressful day and I do whatever I can to make those days better.

They have a 9 day vacation coming up but not before this upcoming work week so soon we will get a little more time together. I am working on integrating a more thorough weekly cleaning and home maintenance routine into my life. It has tasks divided up by weekday and includes small parts of deep cleaning tasks on a weekly basis rather than when I remember them. I am hoping this will help to avoid situations like having to get on my hands and knees to scrub disgusting bathroom baseboards again.

Once I have the cleaning routine more under control I am aiming to work towards a cooking one as well. I rely on frozen single person entrees a lot for my lunches here at home when I am by myself. It does control how much I eat but there are better things I could make and for a lot less if I made more meals myself. Dinner is made every evening for my partner and I with the left overs making their lunch, so why not a little more cooking to make something healthy for myself?

Week Goals:

- Organize drawers, cabinets, and closets
- Clean fridge interior
- Clean oven, toaster oven, and microwave interiors
- Read more of Kushiel's Dart
- Do at least 4 painting studies
- Do something creative each day: art, writing, world building, etc.

DreamWidth Huh?

Saturday, 24 June 2017 11:51
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I saw DreamWidth described as a blogging platform for introverts which caught my eye so here I am.

I came here in search of a small, insular community in which I would have more control over who saw what I posted. Things move slower here than tumblr and I feel I will have a better chance to keep up with my friends and the content they create.

It is pretty slow here but something tells me that with the way things are going with other blogging platforms that they might change soon? Either way I am here to give this a try.
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Doctor Emily Grey and Colonel Sarge meet face to face for the first time. Hints at a growing relationship between the two and a building level of trust.

Read on AO3 here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/9510767
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Friday, 23 June 2017 20:37
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Figuring out how things work here.


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